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DIY Mother's Day gifts she really wants

Homemade Mother's Day gifts are the perfect way to show mother how special she is. This list of Mother's Day gifts and handicrafts for mothers will brighten up her day and make her feel especially loved this year.

How easy is it to find gifts for mom on a scale of 1 to 10? To be honest, I find it somewhere around 5!

My mother is not picky, but she has everything she needs and wants. Does she want a travel coffee mug? No, she already has one.

What I've found over the years is that my mother (and now me as a mother) cares more about gifts that show We love them for the perfect cliché Mother's Day gift bought in the store.

My mother (and many mothers – mine is not unique in this regard) finds more value in and has a greater appreciation for homemade Mother's Day gifts.

Knowing what I know now, I don't even bother breaking my brain to find a perfect Mother's Day gift bought in the store! Now we're making gifts … and she's really excited every time!

Mother's Day is getting closer. Sit down with the kids and create DIY mothers day gifts together that will pull their hearts.

Give her a gift that will let her know how incredibly special she is and that all this hard work and dedication will not go unnoticed.

What should I do for Mother's Day?

So … you are probably wondering: What should I do for Mother's Day?

Mothers generally say the same thing every year when asked what they want for Mother's Day. "Don't spend money on me!"

Give her a handmade gift this year that is better than anything money can buy!

With that in mind, I've gathered some ideas that I know will please the mother in your life. These are special little homemade Mother's Day gifts to show you (or your child) that you've taken the time to make Mother special this year. That's probably all she's hoping for – well, and maybe some chocolate! Surprise her, I know she will love it!

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Mother's Day gives DIY ideas to make her day

If you need a little inspiration to find home-made Mother's Day gifts that she will love, look no further! This list of 11 unique ideas is sure to contain something she didn't know she needed.

DIY heart notebook | Simply peasy and fun

Every inch of this little notebook is totally made with love. When a small child takes the time to do it for the mother, it becomes something she will cherish forever.

DIY mother's day vase | DIY sweets

I love how easy this DIY vase is to make! It's so beautiful and comes with a free printable tag to attach, so this gift idea is both useful and perfect if you don't have much time. If you have a mason jar or other jar, take some color and make it a unique gift that you can use over and over again.

DIY Candy - DIY Mother's Day gift vases

Mason jar succulent set | Lovely etc.

This is something that would look perfect in the kitchen on the counter, in the bathroom or even on the coat. A perfect home accessory for EVERY home and the perfect, low-maintenance do-it-yourself gift for EVERY mother.

A delicious brunch

No, I'm not talking about taking her to an expensive brunch (which you absolutely CAN if she loves it). I'm talking about making her a fantastic brunch at home and letting her eat it in bed if she wants to.

Mom works hard and takes care of everyone else, right? Take care of them by spoiling them with their favorite homemade breakfast.

DIY kid art candles | My mini adventurer

If mom loves candles, she'll love this idea! Transfer your child's artwork to a simple white candle so mom can see it anytime. Practically. Adorable. And affordable – the best DIY projects for Mother's Day!

C.Andy Strauss | The enchanting kitchen

If your mother has a sweet tooth, make her a bouquet of sweets like this. It's a simple craft and uses your favorite chocolates or sweets. I know I wouldn't complain about having my favorite goodies on hand!

Letters covered with yarn | Stylish desire

Spelling MOM with yarn on a picture frame is a really creative gift for Mother's Day. This tutorial will show you how to give any home office or bedroom a nice decorative finish.

Stylish Cravings - DIY yarn covered letters

Mother's Day DIY Sharpie Mug | The Taylor House

Create a unique felt pen with works of art from which she can enjoy her favorite morning tea or coffee. Personalize it and decorate it as you like! She will love to look at art while enjoying her drink. I did some of them a few years ago and they were easy to do.

DIY photo coasters | The country cottage chic

What a great idea! She can see pictures of the whole family every time she puts her mug on a coaster. These are also great when a guest comes by. She can show that she is a proud mother.

DIY flower pots | Mod Podge Rocks

These DIY flower pots are unique and incredible! Use your favorite pictures for this great homemade Mother's Day gift and add your favorite plant or flower so it can bloom and grow all spring!

Mod Podge Rocks - flowerpot with photos

R.ose Petal Sugar Scrub | Turn back the clock

Last but not least, consider a DIY Mother's Day gift to pamper yourself with, like this sugar cane scrub with rose petals. It will help her relieve stress and relax, while leaving her skin feeling silky and smooth. This is a gift that I cannot recommend enough.

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Make the perfect homemade Mother's Day gifts

In the shop you will find hundreds of Mother's Day gifts that mom would love to have. But if you want to give her something that she will REALLY love, make one of these DIY ideas for Mother's Day. This list of unique and amazing homemade Mother's Day gifts is sure to contain (at least) one idea that makes her feel valued.

Remember – Mother's Day is really not about gifts. It's about letting her know why she means the world to you.

Homemade Mother's Day Gifts Pin Picture B.

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