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Genius gift card ideas that are not just an envelope

We all have a stack of them: gift cards. In recent years, the popularity of gift cards as a gift has increased exponentially. Now you can find gift cards no matter which store or restaurant you go to (or shop online).

Here's everything you need to know to make gift cards that really matter to the person you give them to.

Are gift cards a good gift?

Gift card gifts sometimes get a bad name – that they are "lazy gifts" or impersonal. On the contrary. A gift card is the most thoughtful gift there is. It is the gift of being able to buy whatever you want, whenever you want. It's essentially like giving (or receiving) cash without being crass in certain situations.

Can you really imagine a better all-round gift than a gift card? It's fun to have money on a favorite business you MUST spend because essentially someone gave you the money for that business.

Many people feel guilty about treating themselves or buying what they have long had in mind. But with a gift card, it feels okay – even fun – to finally get the beauty they wanted.

How to choose the gift card to buy

The key to giving away a gift card is taking into account the person you give it to and thinking about what they really like or enjoy. If you don't like shopping on Amazon, it doesn't make sense to give that person an Amazon gift card.

However, if Target is her favorite business around the world and she goes there every week, giving her a Target gift card gives her the freedom to pamper herself – or buy the bare essentials and save a little on her monthly bills. But the point is that she's free to choose, and that's the beauty of gift cards.

These will make great gifts for any occasion – birthdays, new babies, graduation, Christmas, teacher gifts, think of you, get well soon, you name it.

Gift cards are also ideal as a last-minute or quick gift. Let's face it, today's pace of life is lightning fast and gift cards are an incredibly quick, personal gift. Win-win, right?

Do gift cards expire?

According to federal law, a gift card cannot expire within five years of the purchase date. However, inactivity or service fees may apply if they are not used within 12 months, reducing their value.

What is the best gift card?

Since you will probably prefer your gift card gift to be enjoyed in a drawer full of clutter and not forgotten, here is a list of the 15 most popular (and most popular) gift cards from Wallet Hub.

  1. Amazon gift card
  2. Visa gift card
  3. Walmart gift card
  4. Goal gift card
  5. iTunes gift card
  6. Starbucks gift card
  7. American Express gift card
  8. Disney gift card
  9. Ebay gift card
  10. Sephora gift card
  11. Google Play gift card
  12. Costco gift card
  13. Home Depot gift card
  14. Chick-fil-a gift card
  15. Best Buy gift card

If you don't see gift card ideas on this list that the person you are thinking of will love, take some time to think about what they enjoy or where they like to shop when they need something. For example, does he have a daily coffee habit? Then he might appreciate a Starbucks gift card or a local cafe.

I am sure that you can easily develop a great idea that he will appreciate.

Gift card presentation ideas

Ok, you've chosen a gift card that you know will be a success. How do you present it to that special person in your life? Sometimes gift cards can be difficult to give away, especially if you want to make gifts for fun because they are so small that it is difficult to present them in a fun way!

Until now. This list of creative ways to give away gift cards will make you give everyone you know a gift card for the next occasion so you can take advantage of all these great ideas!

Bring the fun back into giving and give them the gift card they crave with these creative ways to give away gift cards. These ideas can also be used as creative ways to give away cash gifts!

1. Decorative bag

Use a cute bag instead of using one of these gift card holders (basically envelopes) that came in the store. You can buy cute gift card bags or get simple ones and decorate them yourself. You can even find handmade bags that give a unique feel.

2. Gift card box

There are many adorable gift card box options for every occasion. You can buy them or even print them out. Sometimes a box feels more like a gift than an envelope.

3. Ugly sweater gift card holder

I love this ugly sweater gift card holder idea for the holidays. It is creative and fun to give and receive the gift.

4. Cute drawstring pouch

No paper required. Use a reusable drawstring bag that you can close. So many colors and patterns available!

5. Cute mini cuddly toy

Attach your gift card gift to a small soft toy or bouquet, or other small item that you know the recipient will appreciate.

Are you looking for a meaningful gift but cannot decide what it is? Or maybe you just know that the special person in your life would prefer to choose their own gift. No matter what the reason, there are times when a gift voucher is a perfect gift.

Use these gift card and presentation ideas to show that care and thought have gone into choosing the gift.

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