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Mother's Day Gift Guide – Crazy Wonderful

So who has almost completely forgotten Mother's Day this year? Yes me too. Don't worry, there's still time and I've covered you with a Mother's Day gift guide. This list includes items that I already own and gifts that I would like to receive.

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Mother's Day gift guide


  1. I love the handmade look of this stoneware salad tong. They would complement the serving bowl, which I also included in this list, perfectly.
  2. Refresh every room this cool fringe pillow case.
  3. I like a smaller serving board on hand. This simple rectangular one actually comes in two sizes.
  4. I have used this Clarisonic facial cleaning brush for a couple of years now and it has a huge impact on my completion.
  5. If you've ever had chapped lips chronically, you know how terrible it is. I have used this lip mask every night for over a year. To my surprise, after three nights my lips were no longer cracked.
  6. I was looking for stackable rings and just came across them this dainty set.
  7. My favorite author has published another book! Feels like falling is sitting next to the bed and has already been reserved for my mother.
  8. I ordered this candle the day it became available. The scent is incredible. As soon as the candle has burned out, the stoneware jar can be reused.
  9. Do you notice my love for stoneware? This serving bowl would go well with the salad tongs in this list.
  10. My last three bags are all from Madewell. You can't beat the style and price. This new silhouette I just noticed.
  11. That is different great pillowcase that would freshen up any room. I have this fabric in a different size and it goes with everything.
  12. These tiny tires are perfect for summer and also go well with other earrings.
  13. I totally like these towels.
  14. These African pearls was one of my favorite decor pieces. Design them on a table top, in a bowl, over the neck of a vase or on the base of a lamp.
  15. I like to bring clippings from the yard to use in vases. This scissors and scabbard would be much nicer to use than our kitchen scissors.
  16. Bring the sausages with you! This big serving board is beautiful and always asks me to put it in my shopping cart.

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