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Start your day right with these 5 morning habits

A good start to the morning prepares you for a good day. Start your day right by integrating these healthy morning habits into your morning routine.

If you can start your day off right, all the other parts just seem to fit. Make these five relatively small tasks a priority. Single. Day. will bring long lasting, positive results that you will love.

Many thanks to our sponsor for healthy morning habits, Burts Bees, for sponsoring this post! You have developed an innovative product that contains all the proteins you need to get your day off to a good start. Their new, delicious shake is 70% organic and contains all vegetable ingredients as well as whole fruits and vegetables an extra nutritious shake! Bonus: It contains no artificial sweeteners or important food allergens!

Morning habits to start the day properly

Here are 5 habits that, when you use them every morning, make a big difference in the way your day goes.

Start your day with a glass of water

Seriously, do this the first thing you do every morning. If you sleep overnight, your body will lose hydration.

Take a glass of room temperature water and drink it without thinking about it. There are health reasons for drinking water every morning, but my ultimate reasons are vanity!

After sleeping all night, all the fine lines on my face are clearer. When I immediately moisturized every morning, I noticed that my "bed face" disappeared! Seriously, try it for a week!

Your eyes will recover from the swollen eyes, and if you have a headache (like me), drinking water will help keep them at bay. Starting the day with water is such a simple change that has a big impact!

Woman is sitting on the floor with weights holding a protein shake

Take your time to exercise

Who still looks at complicated or lengthy training programs and tries them out for a day, but has a hard time making them a consistent daily routine? I kept telling myself that I didn't have time to do a 30-minute workout. I didn't have time to make it to the gym, I would do it "tomorrow".

I'm not the only one, am I?

Someone reminded me that 15 minutes is only 1% of your day – that's it! We can spend at least 1% of the day on sports, right?

Do it. Just set the timer and 15 minutes help you to recharge your batteries for the whole day!

This is completely feasible (even for busy mothers). And remember: Small changes that have been made consistently over time lead to big results.

15 minute strength training plan

Make writing your list a morning habit

That daily infinite to-do list floating around in your brain? Yes I know. It's floating in my brain too … until I sit down and write everything down. Do a quick brain dump by putting your entire list on paper.

Making a list helps me imagine what I need to accomplish each day, while freeing my brain from trying to remember everything. It's so easy to be overwhelmed and distracted by all the things that pop up during the day!

I have scheduled two five-minute "sessions" every day to write down my lists. The other slot is before bedtime when I delete all things that haven't been done by the day. That was super helpful.

Have you ever had trouble going to sleep because all the things you have to do keep swirling around in your brain and keeping you busy? If you write them down, they will be erased and you can mentally forget them until the next day.

In the morning, I devote another five minutes to searching my list from the night before. I make my list of things I need to do and number them first. Creating lists really helps me focus my time – which saves me time during my day!

Woman writing a to do list on paper

Do my shake

If you're like me, morning is always a bit hectic (and I try to contain the calories I eat). I love brewing a cup of coffee and mixing a ball of chocolate protein shake into my morning burst.

You can do this Burt & # 39; s Bees Protein Shake with just water and it's good. However, I like a little bit of chocolate syrup in my coffee, and although I drink Decaf, the taste and smell of coffee has something that makes my morning!

Instead of adding chocolate syrup and milk jug to my coffee, I replaced them with a few spoons of this shake! Yum. This breakfast lasts seconds, tastes great and is full of nutrients!

Seriously, the Burt & # 39; s Bees Protein Shakes There are different flavors (I love the chocolate). Each flavor contains five organic sources of protein: pea, rice, linseed, sunflower seed and oats.

I love to know that my coffee now contains the full essential amino acid profile AND contains vitamins from real fruits and vegetables to deliver up to 25% of my recommended daily dose (or daily value).

Note: I don't think this shake is meant as a meal replacement. As someone who ALWAYS skipped breakfast, a packed, nutritious boost to spice up my coffee is the perfect way to start the day!

Coffee chocolate and milk substitute

Cuddling will really start your day

We spend five minutes every morning and night cuddling ourselves personally with each of our children.

I am so excited that even my middle school child tells me that this is their favorite time of the day. Start and end each day with a hug and a few moments connecting with what is most important to you – your family.

I tell my children what I love about them, what they make proud and what hopes I have for them with their day. This five-minute “start” to our day not only makes your day great, it also reminds me of the “why” in my life and why I work hard.

When I'm in the drudgery of the day, running errands or trying to meet a deadline … I look back on it. That's why! Don't skip your morning soft toys!

how to start a day for success

What morning habits help you?

Do you play funny music or do you have other routines that really start your day? Whatever it is, I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

Coffee white alternative with vegetables

Thanks again Burts Bees to remind you that tomorrow is important – and for their protein shakes that help me start my day properly! For more information on the product line, visit: Burts Bees Facebook site, Consequences Burts Bees on Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter.

This is a sponsored conversation that I wrote on behalf of Burt & # 39; s Bees. The opinions and the text are all mine.

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