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Start your day right with these 5 morning habits

A good start to the morning prepares you for a good day. Start your day right by integrating these healthy morning habits into your morning routine. If you can start your day off right, all the other parts just seem to fit. Make these five relatively small tasks a priority. …

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Try These Simple DIY Bookmarks from Sticky Notes

Do you lose your bookmarks and find yourself reluctantly dog-earing pages in your books so you don’t lose your place? I did too until I came up with this ultra-easy DIY bookmark idea. Instead of bending pages in your books, make DIY bookmarks instead! Have you ever sat down and …

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Never marry a man who has these 15 habits

Marrying a man who is the exact opposite of your imaginary Mr. Right would be a great folly. Imagine that you are married to a man who thinks that you are not worth wonderful things, does not like to be seen with you and considers you nothing other than his …

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Fuel Up With These Homemade Road Trip Snacks

When you go on vacation, doesn’t it seem like all “healthy eating” habits go out the window? Road trips, particularly, seem to be the worst when it comes to eating healthy. You can forget bananas or apples, because if I’m stopping at a gas station I’m definitely getting a candy …

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